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We are wholly owned by the Charles Ross & Son Company, the foremost supplier of specialty mixing, blending and dispersion equipment. ROSS has been in business since 1842. ROSS System and Controls was founded in 1996, to handle automation, control systems, and processes for a full range of industries.

Our personnel have many years of experience in the process industries and have a unique ability to match our capabilities with our clients needs.

Our engineering department is equipped with a network of computers, PLC's and operator stations. The latest CAD, PLC and HMI software enhance the value of our technical support, because they ensure a fast response to the needs of our clients.

Industries Served

Pharmaceutical - Cosmetics - Food

ROSS Systems & Controls are used worldwide in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic business. We offer a working knowledge of cGMP, OQ, IQ and validation an essential ingredient when designing and constructing control systems for these industries. We offer six major control packages with over twenty options to meet your needs. We have the experience needed to build automated CIP / SIP, vacuum control, temperature control or complete recipe control systems.


The automotive industry depends on just in time delivery. As such it relies on it's suppliers for quality components with perfect quality. ROSS Syscon develops and builds quality control inspection systems for the automotive industry.

Chemicals - Adhesives/Sealants -Plastics

Specialty chemical process industries controls require bulletproof systems, guaranteed to start on time, every time. Redundant backup systems, processors and networks are a necessity. ROSS SysCon offers extensive experience in loop controls such as temperature, flow, vacuum / pressure and pH. Whether handling toxic chlorine or volatile solvents, every possible precaution must be considered. We believe in working closely with the end user to insure proper implementation and full compliance with all local, state and national codes.

Utilities - Power Generation, Waste & Potable Water, Pipe Line

Many utilities utilize DCS (Distributed Control Systems) or remote I/O systems. ROSS SysCon is a preferred supplier to numerous utilities for DCS and remote I/O panels. Our competitive pricing and consistent quality panels require little or no start-up assistance. Many control systems are located outside and are exposed to extreme environments. These systems must be specially designed to resist this exposure.

Pulp and Paper

From small reactors, centrifuges and chip mill panels to large DCS I/O panels, ROSS SysCon offers complete panels to meet your needs. We have extensive experience designing variable speed drive support systems.


The ROSS SysCon Marine Division specializes in circuit breaker panels, lighting mimic panels and electrical systems for yachts and other ocean going vessels. All panels and systems are custom designed to meet the specific requirements of the client

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