Process Systems

SysCon is your single source of supply for skid mounted Process Systems. ROSS' diverse group engineers and designers has years of experience in multiple different industries ranging from Aerospace to Pharmaceuticals, Pulp and Paper to Automotive, Specialty Chemical to Natural Gas Storage.

Whether you are looking for concept to completion or you already have a Process that you need modified, compartmentalized, or constructed; ROSS SysCon has the skilled people to assist.

How do I proceed?

1) From Concept to Completion:

This category is very typical for professional doing what they do best, that is developing their product. They need a team to do what they do best, design and build the process to make your product. Here's what you do. Write down or developer a set of specifications for the process. NDA's are welcome. Try to create a drawing or any picture that you can.

The more information you have and the easier it is to decipher will dramatically affect how quick the quote and project become reality.

2) Modify / Compartmentalize:

This is for the professional who already has a working process or design. They need it combined into a neat, clean package for resale, distribution, or just for ease of location within their facility. Also, this is a great way to insure that the your time is used wisely.

No unnecessary lost start-up time. The systems are tested in our facility with your product or a suitable placebo. Any modifications are made prior to shipment.

3) Construction:

You have the design, the P&ID, and even the materials list; you just need someone to build it. Contact us. We maintain a staff of fabricators, electricians, plumbers and assemblers.

Our team of engineers will review your design, make note of any recommended design changes and proceed with your process as you desire.

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